The big Office Quiz Night returns!


Last Friday, the DOMU team gathered on the mezzanine to throw down the general knowledge gauntlet in a clash of minds so momentous, workplace politics would never be the same again.

Let the games begin…

Okay – perhaps we’re exaggerating – but the competition was certainly healthy as everyone got into teams to compete for the highly coveted MYSTERY prizes (ooooooooh!), complete with tiny trophies for permanent bragging rights.

But this wasn’t just any DOMU quiz night. This time around, the hosting duties fell into the very capable hands of the charismatic, hilarious, self-proclaimed host-with-the-most Mr Lee Gend (AKA. Lee, Head of Marketing).

Proof that purple is the new black.

Playing it low-key as usual, Lee donned a ravishing purple sequined jacket he claims was purchased as a laugh for the occasion – and if he didn’t look so comfortable in it, we might have believed him.

As the quiz unfolded over a sumptuous array of pub-style snacks and prosecco, quizmaster Lee juggled his duties with aplomb, effectively policing under the table Googling while providing light inter-round banter to make sure the competition was as fair as it was fun.

Lee about to drop some big truth bombs.

In the end, the Magnificent 6 emerged victorious, allegedly carried to glory by the undisputed DOMU champion of general knowledge, Danielle*.

*According to Danielle.

More like the Smug 6

However, it was later confirmed by several members of the Magnificent 6 that rumours of Danielle’s positive impact on the team’s success had been grossly exaggerated – in fact, her tendency to loudly repeat the team’s answers had nearly cost them the victory.

Nonetheless, they proudly divided the contents of the MYSTERY bag equally among themselves (prosecco, chocolate & frozen cocktails, anyone?), much to the crushing dismay of the five losing teams, whose names shall forever go unremembered.

Fortunately, come the night’s close, a sufficient amount of prosecco had been imbibed to soothe the mounting tensions that had underpinned the night’s events.

Post-quiz mingling action shot

All in all, it made for another fabulously fun-filled quiz night at DOMU!