Insider’s International Trade Award Shortlist


Insider’s International Trade Awards recognize success on the world stage when it comes to international Trade, we are delighted to announce that DOMU Brands have been shortlisted for the awards in the ‘Importer of the Year’ category. The awards will be held in the Lowry Hotel on the 6th of December this year, a stone’s throw away from the DOMU Brands head office at Deva City Office Park.

Sourcing products from six different countries brings unique challenges, primarily, managing a supply base from a distance, whilst keeping to a very clearly defined critical path.

Our experienced staff are specialists in their chosen areas and help to propel the business forward, we continue to nurture, support and invest in their development and success, to keep DOMU Brands moving forward.

Customers remain our biggest focus, with over 2 million+ service, product reviews, and ratings, we ensure that we meet and exceed expectations at every stage. Working with customer-centric businesses like Amazon and EBay have helped us adapt, improve and focus on the services that really matter.

The relationships that we have built with our global supply and logistics partners over the past 9 years have ensured our relevancy and supported growth. These relationships help us to maintain our edge, whilst continuing to pass value onto the customer. The future holds many exciting expansion projects of which these elements will help to propel our importing trade further. The team are looking forward to the awards keeping their fingers crossed for a win!