DOMU Brands’ Hotel Gotham Party


After the epic events of our Halloween party at the Alchemist, you know we had to step things up for Christmas… 

But, unfortunately, this had to be put on hold.  Every morning we’d hear: 

“When is the party?” 

“I need another DOMU party now!” 

“I should probably book the morning off this time.” 

And soon it was all revealed: Hotel Gotham was the next destination, a March party with expectations set sky high.  As before, the organisers didn’t pull any punches and another legendary event was set to unfold. 

Domu Brands Party


Upon arriving at Hotel Gotham, we took a short lift ride to the first floor and the atmosphere was palpable.  It’s been a busy few months for us at DOMU so this was our time to blow off some steam as a group.   

Sifting his way through the crowd in search of guests to impress, a magician duped us with his nifty sleight of hand tricks, but the real magic trick we couldn’t figure out was why our drinks tokens were disappearing so fast.  

Small plates with big flavours were offered around, with micro-burgers, fish & chips, and mouth-watering halloumi skewers, followed by a delicious array of sweet treats. 

Domu Brands Party

Not long after, the awards started.  Questions were answered such as:   

Who had the most embarrassing Teams call moment? (We can’t say on here).   

Who absolutely smashed it as rookie of the year?  

Who blesses our ears on a Monday morning, harmonising effortlessly with the radio?  

Awards were given, and the much deserving winners were adorned with the coveted medals.  It made us appreciate the brilliant range of personalities here at DOMU, all contributing to a seamless work/ social culture. 

Domu Brands Party

Domu Brands Party


Now one thing we were not expecting was a sax guy to appear and start blasting smooth, smooth notes along the DJ’s glorious house tunes.  Moves were thrown, grooves were felt, and shapes were cut.   Different departments usually linked only by Teams messages and meetings came together and celebrated the occasion as one big family. 

Domu Brands Party


As the party began to wind down, we had to discuss and decide on the next destination, with various Manchester classics such as Mojo being thrown around.  We decided on somewhere familiar… 


You know we had to do it again.  Chinatown’s Vina Karaoke Bar is soon becoming a staple of the DOMU afterparty, with a certain member of the team *cough* Callum *cough* always eager to blast out a song, this time gracing us with a rendition of Mario’s Let Me Love You.  Once the final song was sung, the few that were left merrily headed home, eagerly awaiting their deserved lie ins.  

We would like to extend a big thanks to Hotel Gotham and Serendipity Events for never failing to deliver on our work parties, it’s always nice to get out of the VonHaus once in a while.