Roll up, roll up to Cirque du DOMU


It’s been almost two years since we’ve had a big DOMU party, so you know we had to go all out… 

Read on for our definitive DOMU guide to the perfect Halloween party at DOMU Brands.   

  1. The entrance 

As we walked into New York Street’s The Alchemist, we found ourselves in a dark room lit with circus-themed neon lights and filled with skeletons dressed in bowler hats and bowties.  Just by the bar, an aerial hooper performed a mesmerizing display of dynamic moves and elegant poses.

Before any festivities could begin, we were greeted by a spooky-looking lady covered in (we hope) fake blood who checked our names and gave us a very welcome Halloween gift: drinks tokens.   

What followed, was a legendary night of celebration and laughter very well deserved for the hard-working folk at DOMU. 



  1. Big personalities 


Bringing together two of our company’s biggest players, head office and warehouse staff, people had a chance to meet and bond over a night filled with great music and delicious food.  Finally, we could put a face to the name of those we simply emailed from time to time.   

  1. Irresistible Food


From tiny ice cream cones filled with guacamole to cheeseburger bao buns and dough balls stuffed with a cheese-filled syringe, vegans and meat-eaters could agree on one thing: the food was more than anyone expected and seemingly endless. 

  1. Fortune telling and of course, photos 

After people were done snaffling, it was time to get our palms read thanks to our psychic for the night.  Whilst epiphanies were being had, the photo booth just to the side got even more attention: people were posing with hats, sunglasses and for some reason a giant inflatable champagne bottle.    


  1. Karaoke


Once the clock struck half-past 1 and the last orders were called, we channelled the will to win and found not just another bar, but a karaoke bar. 

Situated in the heart of Chinatown, the bar proved to be the last stop, the last few moments of celebration before it was finally time to go home. 


We would like to extend a big thanks to The Alchemist’s staff for being great hosts and the organisers at Serendipity Events for all their help in what we hope is the first of many more events to come…