Breakout Manchester


8 escape rooms, 8 teams and only one way out. For April’s social event, Domu Brands maxed out the capacity at 2 breakout room locations, where our teams had 60 minutes to navigate their way out of a locked room.

Each room had a unique story behind it – from players who were tasked with stopping the spread of a life-threatening virus to those sitting their final exam as trainee spies. And although the themes were all different, one thing was the same for all – a lot of codes, puzzles and clues stood between them and the escape route.

A true team game, the groups worked incredibly well together. With lots of clever insight and lateral thinking, an impressive amount of teams made quick progress, unlocking further clues and getting ever closer to the final escape.

As the countdown began to close in, the pressure was really on to solve those last remaining puzzles and open the door… and that’s exactly what they did!

Over 50% of the teams successfully escaped, with just 3 teams left painfully close to the finish line. A special mention goes to Harriet, Tanisha, James, Graeme and Shauni – who were the only team to escape a room with a 4-star difficulty level.

After finishing, everyone ventured back out into the glorious sunshine to celebrate the successes (and come to terms with the near misses.)

As always, the social calendar is incredibly busy at Domu Brands, and we look forward to sharing the next exciting event in the near future.