An Evening at the Races


For this year’s DOMU summer social the team donned their most glamorous numbers and headed to Haydock Races for an evening of out-of-hours, high-stakes horseplay (get it?).

At 3.15pm, work finished early. Office computers were turned off, and the radio was turned up.

With the coach due to arrive at 4pm, it’s a race against time to get glam. Juggling makeup bags, waistcoats and curling wands, everyone got on the coach looking superbly suave and ready to hit the races.

Armed with a £10 food & drink voucher, the team split between the County Enclosure bar and the gourmet food trucks to claim their freebies – a lovely touch to make sure everyone’s a winner, regardless of what happens on the track!

Our event tickets also included a betting voucher, so after much talk of tips, odds and gut feelings, it was time to place some bets.

As the horses lined up in the stalls for the first race of the evening, we watched on in anticipation, all hoping our favourite would be the clear front runner.

As they head down the home stretch, the cheering gets louder and tensions higher – and as they cross the finishing post, the commentator shouts “Berlusca!”.

He crossed the finish line in 2 minutes 10 – although it’s fair to say it felt a lot longer for those with a betting slip!

Six races, a few big wins, a big team photo and a gorgeous racecourse sunset later, it’s time to hit the road again.

The coach arrives back at the city centre HQ, drawing a glitzy, fun-filled evening to a close – leaving one question on everyone’s mind….

‘How on earth are we going to top this next year?’